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Image of Brown Overskirt - Top - Scarf ROSE

Brown Overskirt - Top - Scarf ROSE


Strech asimetrical overskirt, with buckles on it's side.
You can also use it as a top! ¿How? Tie the longest sides on your neck :)
Use it also as a scarf, open buckles, round twice on your neck, close the buckles, and done! you have the perfect accessorie!

Perfect for dancing and for your daily life.
We have them with color combinations, message us if you want to see them!

They can be machine washed. Don't use a dryer! there are parts made of leather and they can be damaged.

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We all have stories to tell. Some wonderful, some more difficult, stories that hurt, that make you stronger, stories that make you smile. They make us who we are, and we show ourselves beautiful to the world, with scars of all we have lived. You are strong and powerful, you're beautiful. Your story makes you unique... Be your story, DRESS YOUR STORY

All items in Cadmium Rose are designed and made carefully in the inspiring city of Barcelona, and all of them are limited edition or even one of a kind. We take seriously your unique style, your unique story.

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